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my name is Rebecca Ferrara and since I was a child I have been attracted by beauty, by the attention to aesthetic details, I don’t know why it has always been part of me, three years thanks to my family from Italy I moved to live in Costa Rica and in Puerto Viejo I lived a carefree youth between the jungle and the ocean until the age of 13, then after finishing my studies I chose to follow my passions by undertaking an aesthetic training school in San Jose (IFE) where I graduated and where I began to prepare the basics of my work, returning to the Caribe I dedicated myself to operating in various hotels in the area, today I count with two service points In two of the best hotels in the area, Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort and Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat, the professionalism of our services leads me to have high-level collaborators who continually ask for my services for their guests, proud to be one of the active and present at the tourist level in the caribe sur, they commit us day after day to growing in order to always have positive feedback.

Rebecca Ferrara professional Spa
Rebecca Ferrara

Relaxing Massage $75

Absolute well being for the body and mind, relasing endorphins, relaxing muscles and promoting deep breathing.

Therapeutic Massage/ Deep Tissue $90

This massage uses stronger pressure and elongation techniques to reach deeper muscle levels.

Descontracting Back  45 min $60

Its main objective is to dissolve muscle contractions, relieving pain caused by contractures, stress, poor postures and lack of rest.

Back Exfoliationg, arms and heands + Relaxing Massage 1 H  $80

Deep cleansing of the skin with a  natural rich in antioxidants and perfect to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Bamboo Fantasy 40 min $50

Deep cleansing of the skin with a scrub + legs massage, perfect for tired legs, excellent post travel, perfect for legs and foots relief.