Eating healthy and tasty surrounded by nature.

One of the reasons why Italy is famous all over the world is due to the delicious Italian dishes that can be tasted in its typical cuisine, but for us the motto is important: Country you go, kitchen you find.
Dinner is certainly the most important meal. Take some time to chat and share what you did during the day. The dishes are plentiful and time widens between a glass of wine and maybe a dessert.

The food we serve is prepared with love, passion and attention to details.

The menu is made day by day according to the raw materials given by the land and the sea, taking inspiration from its colors and flavors that give life to an innovative, tasty and healthy cuisine, a gastronomic journey aimed at nourishing body, mind and soul.

This process begins with the supply of the best organic ingredients present in the territory, in collaboration with different local farmers including the indigenous people of the community of Bribri, who use only natural methods to fertilize, respecting the environment.

Da Alessandra “home cooking”

A passion, a ritual, a lifestyle when it comes to cooking, not everyone does it the same way, you have to experiment, make baggage of past flavors, and always be creative, cooking is an art and that’s why it must be taken care of in a special way, and that is what we aim to make our guests experience something unique, only by Reservation from 18; 00 to 21; 00 Monday excluding, dinner will be served with an a la carte menu, created day per day in order to satisfy all types of palates, our dinner wants to be a special experience from bread to dessert, all created with the highest quality ‘, all homemade with healthy ingredients and using native products from our garden, we like to experiment but also to amaze.

International menu

  • Starter. Appetizers are small dishes that can be chosen to start lunch or dinner. You can choose your favorite appetizer taking into account that afterward there will also be a first or second course or both! We recommend an “appetizer of the house”. it may also contain fish (e.g. an octopus salad or a prawn cocktail).
  • First: spaghetti, lasagna, tortellini, ravioli with different seasonings; from tomato to meat sauce and from eggs to fish sauce.
  • Second: whether it’s meat, vegetables or fish, the second course is sometimes the main course.
  • Side dish: a large selection of side dishes to choose from. Usually, they are baked potatoes, salad, or grilled vegetables.
  • Sweet (sweets). An old Japanese proverb says that the dessert ends up in another stomach, so even if you are full, there is always room for something sweet.