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Date(s) - February 12, 2022 - February 22, 2022
12:00 am

Sonora Jungle & Yoga Retreat



Dear Friends,
Welcome to this sacred space I have created for you all. I am thrilled to offer you this
retreat in Costa Rica. It will be a space for to unwind, restore and spend time in
paradise surrounded by deep nature in the jungle and close to the stunning beaches.
During this trip I will have many offerings. All of which will be optional and also
tailored to levels of practice and needs. This is your space to take as you want.
We will start each morning with a meditation followed by a yoga flow in the Yoga Shala
within the jungle. This will be suitable for beginners through to those with a more
advanced practice. Yoga flow is vinyasa based and about movement and breath
flowing as one. For me this space will be about reconnection with the body and
bringing yourself back into allignment with body, mind and spirit soul. A great release
physically and mentally. Whilst also finding that connection back with nature. And
therefore connection with yourself. Energising, grounding and restoring you ready for
the day.
There will be a morning breakfast, and then later lunch and dinner. The menu is made
day by day according to the raw materials given by the land and the sea, taking
inspiration from its colors and flavors that give life to an innovative, tasty and healthy
cuisine, a gastronomic journey aimed at nourishing body, mind and soul.
This process begins with the supply of the best organic ingredients present in the
territory, in collaboration with different local farmers including the indigenous people
of the community of Bribri, who use only natural methods to fertilize, respecting the
environment. All dietary requirments will be met.

Your resting place sat in nature in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.
Sonora was born from a fall in love: with a unique land, with the jungle, with the scent
of nature that surrounds you, with the waves of the sea, with the flavors of the
products of the land, and with the culture of the Caribbean. Surrounded by the sea
and the Jungle
Sonora Jungle is located on a Black Beach surrounded by powerful nature that
gradually turns into a jungle, embraced by ancient trees, colorful flowers, and the
sound of animals, in a land divided by a waterfall, a beautiful place with comfort From
staying in a place surrounded by the silence of the jungle for a relaxing vacation, it has
8 bungalows all with private bathroom and 2 loft-style houses with kitchens, swimming
pool and breakfast area. Restaurant and Yoga Shala.
The modern architecture of Sonora, created by Italian designers with elegant interior
decorations, and the use of fine linen and cotton fabrics in soft colors and warm touches of
Caribbean wood, the precision of each object they have chosen for our guests, combined
with the essence of the CostaRican air.

Beautiful onsite Jungle Spa offeringthe following treatments :
Relaxing Massage $75
Absolute well being for the body and mind, relasing endorphins, relaxing muscles and
promoting deep breathing.
Therapeutic Massage/ Deep Tissue $90
This massage uses stronger pressure and elongation techniques to reach deeper
muscle levels.
Descontracting Back 45 min $60
Its main objective is to dissolve muscle contractions, relieving pain caused by
contractures, stress, poor postures and lack of rest.
Back Exfoliationg, arms and heands + Relaxing Massage 1 H $80
Deep cleansing of the skin with a natural rich in antioxidants and perfect to nourish
and moisturize the skin.
Bamboo Fantasy 40 min $50
Deep cleansing of the skin with a scrub + legs massage, perfect for tired legs, excellent
post travel, perfect for legs and foots relief.
*All treatments can be booked apon arrival of the retreat.


Included in the trip will also be 2 excursions. One will be a morning meeting the local
indigenous tribes showing us cacao and plant medicine work with a swim in the
waterfalls. The second a beautiful nightime walk deep into the jungle. There are
oppurtunities to take on many other trips which range from Horse Riding on the
beaches to swimming with the dolphins. I have included in this pack the full PDF of
options that you can book with me at a later date.
There will be much oppurtunity for downtime. Swimming pool and beaches offer this
space and the rooms being airy and light for more private time! This is your time out
and everything is optional.

Aswell as the yoga classes I will also be offering a full moon fire ceremony, cacao
ceremony and a kirtan mantra night. This will allow for intentions to be set perhaps if
some of you want to work with this space more sacredly and with intention, healing
and prayer. But simply these spaces are for us to open our hearts and gather with
music love, laughter and dance.

The plant medicine ceremonies will be working with the spirit of ayahuasca. For
those of you unfamiliar with this it is a very sacred plant medicine of South
America. This will be a space of deep healing and transformation as a very close
part of my own inner work and healing in want to offer this space to you. There
will be 2 ceremonies one will be at night the other during the day to connect in
with nature and the land.
The ceremonies will be held by maestra Skie Hummingbird and Maestro Red
Hummingbird. They have deep knowledge and experince with the plants and
their spaces are profound. For more information on them please visit
The ceremonies will be extra at £150 per ceremony and a questionnaire will be
asked to complete before taking part in this incredible experience. And a dieta
will have to be considered during this space with the meals being specifically
made for this.
I am sure many of you will have many questions around this part of the trip. And
I am happy to speak one on one with those of you who do.

Flights will be a separate cost and you will need to fly to SJO San Jose. I would
ask you contact me with any quesions on this. It will be a 4 hour bus to the
resort so in would need to make sure we are all gathered to board the bus
otherwise you would need to find your own transfer. This transfer will be
included with your retreat space.

Thank-you for taking time to read this welcome. Of course there will be more
information re scheduling etc nearer the time but for now I want you to feel into
the essence of this trip and what it will mean for you. I am available for any
further questions on my email. There is a separate page for sending the £250
deposit to reserve your space
I am so exited to hold this space. And to collaborate with different modalities with
the yoga. Super exited to have Skie and Red in the space too. It will be
transformational but also a moment to relax, rejuvinate and remember the joy of life
again And to dive into nature. It is going to be magic.


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