Welcome to Sonora a cozy, stylish Boutique Hotel

in the Tropical Jungle

your resting place in contact with nature in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Sonora was born from a fall in love: with a unique land, with the jungle, with the scent of nature that surrounds you, with the waves of the sea, with the flavors of the products of the land, and with the culture of the Caribbean.

Surrounded by the sea and the Jungle

Sonora Jungle is located on a Black Beach a very beautiful beach, much less crowded than others that we can find in the Tico Caribbean, surrounded by powerful nature that gradually turns into a jungle, embraced by ancient trees, colorful flowers, and the sound of animals, in a land divided by a creek, a beautiful place with comfort, from staying in a place surrounded by the silence of the jungle for a relaxing vacation, it has 8 Tropical Bungalows all with private bathroom and 2 Caribbean Estudio with kitchens, 3 Standard rooms all of our typology have a/c, ceiling fan, hot water, safe for lat top and external veranda, we also have a swimming pool, a big space for Shala Yoga, a massage Room y and external breakfast area.

The modern architecture of Sonora, created by Italian designers, showcases elegant interior decorations, fine linen and cotton fabrics in soft colors, and warm touches of Caribbean wood, the precision of each object we have chosen specially for our guests, combined with Foods where we select organic raw materials from the area that work with local eco-sustainable companies and the search for tasty and healthy dishes are ingredients that surround our idea of ​​hospitality.

so now close your eyes and enter our world, discover the passion for the south Caribbean, and find the magic, the culture, of a land that shows the majesty of its nature day by day, those who choose these destinations are bewitched by the richness of natural, cultural, rhythmic and ethnic elements.

Welcome to the Caribbean lifestyle, welcome to Pura Vida

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